Kitty Mai (b. 1993 in Guilin, China)

Kitty currently lives and works primarily in London, UK. Her work explores the relationship between the individual and its social environment, or the influence its surroundings has over an object. 


Acknowledging that the ever rising popularity of the Internet and smartphones has redefined our understanding of the other, the artist grasps the action of taking self-portrait and expresses the anxiety about the constant detection of the external image of the self. In the context of art, to ease this uneasiness and imperfections. Kitty was trained as a Guo Hua painter (Chinese ink wash painting) at an early age. At the age of 18, she moved to the United States and later became interested in contemporary art. She studied at The New School, New York and holds a BFA in fine art. 


Kitty (麦申琳) 目前居住于伦敦,英国。他的作品探索着个体与社会环境之间的关系,抑或者是环境之于物品所带来的的影响。


认知到网路与智慧型手机的普及重新认定了我们对于彼此的认知,艺术家利用自画像(自拍)来展现前述议题,也使用自我外在形象来呈现焦虑。在艺术的语境中,缓解这种不安和不完美。 Kitty身为一位从小培养的国画画家,但在18岁那年,她搬去了美国而开始对当代艺术有所兴趣与涉略。他毕业于纽约The New School纯艺术学系。


Kitty (麥申琳) 目前居住於倫敦,英國。他的作品探索著個體與社會環境之間的關係,抑或者是環境之於物品所帶來的的影響。


認知到網路與智慧型手機的普及重新認定了我們對於彼此的認知,藝術家利用自畫像(自拍)來展現前述議題,也使用自我外在形象來呈現焦慮。在藝術的語境中,緩解這種不安和不完美。Kitty身為一位從小培養的國畫畫家,但在18歲那年,她搬去了美國而開始對當代藝術有所興趣與涉略。他畢業於紐約The New School純藝術學系。