Whiskey Chow (b. 1989)

Whiskey Chow is a London-based artist and Chinese drag king. Coming from an activist background in China, Whiskey’s practice engages with political issues, exploring female masculinity, stereotypes and cultural projections of Chinese/Asian identity with interdisciplinary performance, moving image and experimental sound pieces. Whiskey studied MA Contemporary Art Practice (Performance) at the Royal College of Art and graduated in 2017.

Whiskey has been involved in feminist and LGBTQ activism in China since she was 20. She has been working closely with local queer communities in Guangzhou, contributing as actor, co-playwright and sound designer in the production of ‘For Vaginas’ Sake’ (將陰道獨白到底, the original Chinese version of The Vagina Monologues). Whiskey has been active in community-theatre-based gender education in southern China. She has also led a number of queer cultural events, curating the first Chinese LGBTQ music festival (愛人同志音樂會, Lover Comrades Concert) in Guangzhou in 2013.

Whiskey's recent performances include: Kiss my Genders Live, Hayward Gallery, London, 2019; Whiskey the Conqueror, Tate Britain, London; Unhomeliness, Tate Modern, London, 2018; Purely Beautiful New Era (ft. Haocheng Wu), Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Great Conversation, Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, 2017; Long Live American, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin; Look Like Myself Enough?, Liverpool Biennial Fringe, Liverpool, 2016.





Whiskey Chow是活躍於倫敦的藝術家,中國變裝國王 (Chinese Drag King)。畢業於英國皇家藝術學院 (Royal College of Art) ,Whiskey的跨領域藝術實踐形式包括行為藝術、影像和實驗聲音作品。

Whiskey的創作與研究涉及性別議題、女性主義、女性/ 酷兒陽剛氣質 (Female/ Queer Masculinity) 、對於華裔/亞洲身份的刻板印象和文化投射、對於全球化的國家主義和消費主義的反思等。在移居英國前,Whiskey與廣州本地的酷兒社區密切接觸,投身同志/性別平權運動。


近年展覽/演出有: Kiss my Genders Live, 海沃德美術館Purcell Room),英國倫敦,2019; Whiskey the Conqueror, 泰特大不列顛美術館,英國倫敦; Unhomeliness, 泰特現代美術館, 英國倫敦,2018; Purely Beautiful New Era (ft. Haocheng Wu), 維多利亞與阿爾伯特博物館,英國倫敦; Great Conversation, 烏普薩拉美術館,瑞典烏普薩拉,2017; Long Live American, 盧布林市迷宮當代藝術中心,波蘭盧布林; Look Like Myself Enough?, 利物浦雙年展藝穂節, 英國利物浦,2016